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There are laws in place that will protect you during your therapy sessions with All About Families Counseling. Anything you say in your session with your therapist is completely confidential, and it will not be shared or used against you in a court of law.

The law covers minors under 14

Read about the exceptions to the confidentiality laws

Even if you're not 14 yet and still count as a legal minor, you're still protected by the HIPPA privacy laws. Nothing you say in a session will be shared with your parents or school officials without your permission. Honest communication is encouraged.

If you intend to harm yourself, we want to help you keep safe. If you don't cooperate, then we'll have to take further measures without your permission, which are required by law to ensure your safety.


If you're threatening serious bodily harm to yourself or someone else, we are obligated to notify the police and the intended victim.


If we suspect abuse against a child, dependent adult, or an elder, we're required by law to report the abuse immediately.

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You'll be protected by law during counseling